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Weird Fashion Trends That Were Popular In 2018
Fashion keeps on evolving through the years. However, this is never the case most of the times because people have different tastes. For example, others dress up in attires that reveal most of their body parts while other prefer being modest and covering most of their body parts in the right attires. Being a free world, people are allowed to express their fashion sense in whatever way they please. 2018 has seen the fashion industry flood with very weird attires. This article is going to focus on four of the most popular ones.

Destroyed sneakers are the first on the list. Well, one of the most weird fashion trends in 2018 is clothing that look as if they went through a wood chipper. If you have not been lucky enough to come across one or two, worry less a you will soon be able to. What worsens the whole situation is the price tag that comes with such attires. For instance, if you were looking for functional ,affordable shoes, would you go for a pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers worth $1,425? Well, you heard right and there are people who would buy two pairs or even three of those.

The second one on the lit are the thong and clear jeans. Just from the names, would you prefer any of the two? Would you wear the jeans with a thong or go for the one with a clear material that shows everything? Either way, these kind of attires are only meant for the selected few in the fashion industry. This is because there is no modesty at all preserved in any of the two attires. However, all is not lost as there is an advantage that comes with choosing the thong cut pair of jeans over the clear on. The advantage is simply in the material they are made out of. As much a there is little to be covered with such an attire, it still remains denim.

We also have the car mat skirt on the list. Well, if you have never looked down at the floor of your car and though of how trendy wearing our car mat as a skirt would be, then somebody out there has already thought of that. Of all the crazy fashion trends in 2018,the car mat skirt has to be the most uncomfortable one. You must be wondering how somebody would even think of that and you are probably thinking of how the thick rubber material would probably add extra pounds and chaffing to your frame. Well, for those opposed to working out, you could try adorning such a skirt and loose some extra calories.

How would the sweater sleeves miss out n this list? This attire is not only unique but also defies all logic. Sweaters are meant to prevent you from the harsh cold. With that said, what do you have to say about a sweater with long sleeve and a translucent torso? Well, if you can’t, there are many who would. Well putting on such a top up with a pair of clear jeans would be a brilliant idea if you are one of those people.

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