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What is going to Happen to Jon Jones Career

Boxing fans have more reason to look up to the end of 2018. Great things are on the way. Connor and Khabib will have a mega fight. Both are already preparing for the fights and press runs are ongoing.There is also a comeback for Tyron Woodley.You should wait for a fight between Amanda and Cyborg. Israel Adesanya is already prepared for career advancements.

Jon Jones is no longer suspended and is already prepared to fight again from 28th OCT. The end of the suspension was announced with drama like other aspects of his life.A lot of conclusions can be drawn from this move and people already have opinions.You can draw many conclusions from it. People are already keen on what the USADA says. USADA claims that Jon Jones did on have all the substance to his blood willingly. When this happen he has been supportive to help USADA get people who are doping. People think that Jones is only trying to protect himself. He might be supporting USADA so that he will be given lesser punishment. Throughout, Jones has not admitted to doping and thinks that there people aiming to destroy his career. Such people are the one is might have reported to USADA.

You can tell that USADAs ruling is not based on fairness and a lot people are not pleased with its performance. It has received a lot of critics in the past. Cormier believes that the program is no longer legitimate and it is forbidden from his house to test him since he has always been clean from forbidden substances. Jones’s career is heading in many directions. He has found himself in various situations like stories of addiction and depression. Despite of how you look things, his career needs a reboot. His brand has been affected by all these controversial issues and he should do something about it.

At this point the best thing would be keeping a low profile an only speaking about the correct things. He should only be seen when he is fighting and practicing the correct ethics of work. Redemption is all he needs to go through.Any mistake that can make him to be suspended should be avoided. Even with his past talents, business is no longer good for him.Who are the other fighters likely to face Jons?Cormier and leaner will fight in 2019 before retiring on March. Cormier is ready for a fight just that the circus that comes with Jones does not interest him. Gusttafson fight will be more sensible.Let us wait to see the outcome.